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Cloud-based technology: the farmer's friend

Harvesting grain

Cloud-based technology: the farmer's friend

Having easy access to data, through cloud technology, is helping improve day-to-day farming methods. And it's giving farmers crucial insight and increased control over their farms, their land and their animals.

There are two kinds of clouds. The white fluffy kind and the technological kind. The wizardry of the tech kind is helping farmers monitor land, crops and animals in real-time, allowing them to make quick decisions that can save money and improve yields.

Could cloud-based platforms help Scottish farmers stay up-to-date?

Grainsense: the grain monitoring device

To the market comes Grainsense, farming tech innovation out of Finland. This hand-held, grain-quality measuring device means farmers can instantly measure the levels of protein, moisture, oil and carbohydrates in grain, in a matter of seconds.

In doing so, they can make quick decisions about when to harvest the grain, which market the grain can be sold to, and which grain will yield a better price. Currently, to test grain, farmers have to send it away to a laboratory. Grainsense puts the ‘laboratory in the hands of every farmer’, allowing them to manage their farm by data.

Grainsense is currently sold in Finland, Sweden and the Baltic states. And the company is planning to expand across the European market and then globally. The device can also analyse rice, soy and peas, which could open up new markets for the product in Asia.

Flyver Eye drone technology 

This is a Bulgarian cloud-based platform for aerial surveillance. Farmers can use drones to inspect large areas of land. In a single flight, 2,500 hectares can be observed, data collected and real-time reports created.

Flyver Eye gives farmers an easy way to oversee their crops, as well as offering instant security updates on agricultural land.

The inventors of Flyver Eye, claim the drones are easy to use, and with one click, the device is airborne and ready to collect data for better decision-making.

Smart collars for cows

Smart tech neck-collars for cows can improve animal husbandry significantly. These instant monitoring devices use cloud technology to feedback information on livestock.

This information helps improve reproduction, disease detection, stress management and optimises feed for each individual cow.

Two companies are currently producing this wearable tech: Pakistan’s Cowlar and Israel’s SCR Dairy.

Growth opportunities

Due to the world's growing population, it's estimated that in the next 30 years, we'll need to produce around 70% more food. Using the right technology, such as cloud services, could shape global food production in the future, making it an innovation that the Scottish farming industry should consider.

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