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How we helped Allthings get ready for investment

Dundee software firm, Allthings, has developed an app to unblock the communications logjam. With our support and a strong investment proposition in place, it secured £200,000 investment, enabling the company to focus on its next stage of growth.

Dundee-based software company, Allthings, has devised a solution to unblock the communications logjam, and help businesses become more efficient and productive. 

Thanks to support from the Scottish Investment Bank’s financial readiness specialists and the Scottish Seed Fund, Allthings Ltd is now generating revenue and focusing on the next stage of growth.

Dee Ward, Director of Allthings Ltd, said,  “The financial readiness support we received was invaluable in laying the groundwork for the wider fundraising process." 

Allthings puts the brakes on email traffic

The digital revolution and the arrival of email was supposed to make everyone’s life easier. However, for many of us, wading through an inbox that’s bursting at the seams has become a daily chore, making time management more of a challenge than it was previously.

Founded in 2013 by David Hay, Dee Ward and Ralph Hasselgren, Allthings has developed a cloud-based app designed to streamline the communications process for both business and domestic customers. The idea grew out of the team’s frustration with the amount of time they felt was being wasted in their own business by having to deal with inefficient methods of monitoring tasks, deadlines, responsibilities and data.

The cloud-based Allthings system is a task management tool designed to help users manage their tasks and workloads more effectively, while cutting down email traffic and the need for complicated spreadsheets. The system has the capability to be used on mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops, and is equally suitable for use by individuals or by teams and organisations.

Dee Ward said: “The origins of the system lie in the fact that, in our business, as with most SMEs, time is a precious commodity and we recognised that a huge amount of email traffic was creating inefficiencies rather than helping productivity.

“Our aim was to simplify the whole process of business administration which can take up a tremendous amount of valuable time in companies of all sizes.”

Allthings’ app is available as a free version, as well as two paid for versions, Allthings Pro and Allthings Team. Its user-friendly structure means there is no requirement for lengthy training or detailed knowledge of project management systems.

How we helped

The team’s strong relationship with Scottish Enterprise (SE), developed over a number of years, has been an important factor in the company's development.

Dee explains, “We had an existing track record with SE from our time with our previous firm, HoundDog, which developed a cloud-based monitoring software. The company was purchased by GFI Software in 2009 in a deal worth $15-20 million.

“Our previous experience in technology development was clearly an important factor when the time came to seek funding for Allthings. 

“Having gone through the initial stages of creating the system, we approached the Scottish Investment Bank (SIB) through our SE account manager to identify additional investment to assist our development plans."

Having a sharp investor pitch pays dividends

“The financial readiness support was invaluable in laying the groundwork for the wider fundraising process. With that support, we also engaged with independent corporate finance specialists.”

With a strong investment proposition in place, the company went on to secure investment of £200,000 through SIB’s Scottish Seed Fund, matching the sum invested by the management team and private investors. The completion of the funding process has enabled Dee and his colleagues to focus on the next stage of their growth strategy for the business.

“We’re now at the stage of beginning to generate revenue. The success of the free version is encouraging people to take the step up to the paid-for versions and we now have around 200 paying customers.

“The aim now is to further enhance and refine the product by recruiting more developers to build on the feedback we’re getting from users and the new funding will assist in achieving that.

“Our success in building the HoundDog business into a sellable proposition demonstrates our capabilities and longer term our ambition for Allthings is to generate sales of £10 million."

SIB's Sarah Hume worked with the company on the Scottish Seed Fund deal. Sarah said: “The key to the success of technology like this is the ability to secure market share as early as possible.

“Our support and the funding Allthings has secured will allow the team to progress its strategy for the business and work towards realising the company's sales ambitions.”

Securing investment is a major milestone for companies like Allthings wanting to grow to the next stage. Even small amounts of funding can help you take necessary risks or give you a route to act on your ideas.  

But, remember it’s not just about the money. Support and advice can go a long way. Ask for our support – it’ll be time well spent. 

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