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Companies we have supported

Companies we've supported

At the Scottish Investment Bank, we work with a diverse range of companies in different sectors and at different stages. Some of our investee companies are shown below. Contact us to learn more about the investment and support we offer to companies, or about investing in Scottish businesses.

Adimo logo

Adimo makes marketing shoppable and measurable for the world’s biggest advertisers. It's a frictionless path to purchase that lets shoppers in any country put the brands they see into their basket, to buy when convenient.

Sofant technologies logo

Sofant’s smart antenna technology reduces the cost, power consumption and complexity of SatCom and 5G end user and networking equipment, while improving performance and simplifying design.

Design LED logo

DesignLED is a technology company focused on efficient, flexible and super thin LED lighting solutions. Its patented technology is customisable for highly differentiated products in the automotive and built environment markets.


Neatebox logo

Neatebox promotes positive societal change through the provision of technological solutions improving the lives and efficiency of both disabled people and those tasked to provide them with services.

Clyde Biosciences logo

Clyde Biosciences is a leading global cardiac safety service provider and enables assessment of cardiotoxicity potential for the pharmaceutical industry, delivering new insights into electrophysiological effects of drugs.

Cellucomp logo

CelluComp is a Scottish-based company located in Fife, near Edinburgh. Its team of scientists and business professionals work on the development and commercialisation of sustainable materials.

Mcn'ean logo

NCN'EAN is a young, independent, organic whisky distillery on the west coast of Scotland. The company exists to create experimental spirits and pioneer sustainable production. Its Botanical Spirit was acclaimed as a top 10 spirit launch of 2018.

Snap Dragon logo

SnapDragon is a brand protection company fighting online fakes. Its proprietary Swoop software monitors the world’s busiest marketplaces for items which infringe clients’ intellectual property, protecting brands and consumers.

Cyan Forensics logo

Cyan Forensics builds and sells new technologies to help law enforcement, social media companies, and cloud providers to find and block harmful content from paedophiles and terrorists.

GSS logo

GSS design and build the fastest response, lowest power and most robust CO2 sensors about. Its solid-state technology enables its clients to achieve bold power, speed and endurance goals across a range of applications.

My1Login logo

My1Login is the UK’s leading, most widely-compatible, award-winning enterprise identity and access management solution. It enables organisations to mitigate password-related, cyber-security risks, control user identities and meet critical compliance obligations.


Mironid logo

Mironid is an innovative drug discovery company that develops proprietary drug candidate molecules to modulate key cellular signalling targets in new ways, addressing unmet medical needs in both major markets and rare diseases.

Fyne Audio logo

Scottish-based loudspeaker manufacturer, Fyne Audio, is a new brand. But the team brings an enviable pedigree of audio industry experience, with a goal to design and craft high performance loudspeakers for discerning customers.

Bellrock Technology logo

Bellrock Technology is an artificial intelligence company that helps corporates use data to increase profitability. Its proprietary tech, Lumen®, uses patented AI to enable companies to gain insight and take better decisions.

Enocell logo

Enocell is a unique company, spun-out from the University of Aberdeen in 2011, to develop, manufacture and market a unique, photo catalytically enhanced fuel cell technology, that represents a step change in the provision of low cost and low carbon off-grid energy.


Money Dashboard logo

Money Dashboard’s free personal finance app helps 200,000 consumers manage their money by integrating all of their bank accounts in one place. It also identifies opportunities for them to spend, save and borrow more efficiently.

Live It logo

LIVE IT Group offers online managed ticketing services and box office solutions. Developed over 7 years, the LIVE IT technology system has issued over 2.4 million tickets for events, purchased by attendees from 167 countries to date.


3F Bio logo

3F BIO is a biotechnology company that addresses the global need for sustainable high-quality food protein.

Bluebox logo

Bluebox’s award-winning in-flight entertainment platforms offer airlines the latest technology in iPad-based and wireless IFE solutions, providing options for service enhancement, service recovery, accessibility, and ancillary revenue generation.

Trig Avionics logo

Trig Avionics provides innovative, certified avionics to aircraft owners and operators globally. Trig’s ‘Better by Design’ philosophy ensures products are simple to use and provide pilots with features that really matter.

NovaBiotics logo

NovaBiotics Ltd is a leading clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on the design and development of first-in-class anti-infectives for difficult-to-treat, medically unmet diseases.

Uisge Source logo

The drop that makes the dram. Spring waters in miniature glass bottles from private wells and whisky distilleries in the Scotch Whisky Regions - chemically unique waters for adding to whisky, for greater appreciation.

Conjunct logo

Conjunct has created technology which allows data communications and telecommunications systems to transmit data at rates previously unachievable.

Chromacity logo

Chromacity is a leading supplier of ultrashort pulsed fibre lasers, tunable across the infrared and mid infrared. The company has fused solid-state and fibre-based technology to create a range of game changing systems that offer the best of both worlds. Its robust, compact products offer an efficient, intuitive, versatile and more affordable solution.

Well-Safe Solutions logo

Well-Safe Solutions offer a fully integrated 'Tier 1' well abandonment service, providing the complete package, using its own bespoke marine and land-based assets. Delivering safe, efficient Well Plug and Abandonment operations in collaboration with its clients, resulting in cost reductions with open and transparent communication.

Fios Genomics logo

Fios Genomics provide bioinformatics analysis services to pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies, CROs and academia. We support drug discovery and development and applied research across all species.

Skoog Music logo

Skoogmusic make musical instruments that anyone can play. The company is on a mission to bring music-making to the masses. Retailed globally by Apple and Amazon, its latest products, Skoog 2.0 and Skwitch, come with a range of free apps to enable music-making, coding and accessibility for everyone.

Anacail logo

Anacail specialises in creating ozone inside sealed packages. Its technology is used in food processing to improve food safety and extend shelf life and in high-level decontamination and sterilisation of medical devices.

Cytosystems logo

Close to commercialisation, Cytosystems is clinically validating its non-invasive solution for diagnosing and monitoring bladder cancer. Forming a platform technology, its enabling components include whole cell capture and digital pathology, using AI and deep learning.


Administrate logo

Administrate is training and learning management software delivered from the Cloud and designed to manage your entire training operation. Administrate is built to help you plan all of your training activities and resources.


Blackford logo

Blackford provide a single platform to quickly access and manage a curated marketplace of regulatory approved medical image analysis applications and AI algorithms that add clinical value.


Calcivis logo

Calcivis has developed the world’s first biotechnology-based dental imaging system. The Calcivis® System allows live visualisation of active tooth demineralisation to enable dentists to practice and monetise preventive dentistry.

Fixed Phage logo

Fixed Phage is a biotechnology company utilising covalently bonded bacteriophages as a method of targeting problem bacteria found throughout industry. Its IP portfolio covers several areas of prevalent antibiotic resistance.

Spoonfed logo

Spoonfed is a Software as a Service (SaaS), designed to make drop-off catering businesses more efficient, more profitable and easier to run. By automating processes and the transfer of information, Spoonfed saves time and improves catering standards.

Adaptix logo

Everyone you know has had their life touched by X-ray imaging. Adaptix is reinventing the X-ray source, transitioning from a single tube to a flat panel array of emitters, allowing low-dose 3D imaging to be brought to the bedside in a low-cost system with no moving parts.

Kumulos logo

Kumulos App Performance Management platform covers the app life cycle. Its 5 integrated services include app store optimisation, analytics, reporting, back-end hosting, crash reporting, endpoint monitoring and push notifications.

Synpromics logo

Synpromics is the leader in gene control, improving human health by enabling more effective cell and gene medicines. Its proprietary technology gives unprecedented control of gene expression through synthetic promoter design.

Delta DNA logo

Using data to manage the whole game economy, deltaDNA provides powerful analytics tech and expert consultancy for game makers. It supplies the tools and insights needed to optimise games, for individual players, in real time.

Blazing Griffin logo

Blazing Griffin is a digital entertainment company based in Glasgow, driving innovation at the dynamic intersection between film, television, games and post production.

The Clydeside Distillery logo

Built by Morrison Glasgow Distillers and opened in 2017, The Clydeside Distillery is the first operational whisky distillery in Glasgow’s city centre for over 100 years and will produce a high-quality Lowland Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

Appointedd logo

Appointedd enables businesses to take bookings from their websites. More than just an online booking tool, Appointedd is an omnichannel engagement solution that uses CRM and more, to convert online visitors to in-person interactions.


Oodls logo

Oodls is a responsive web app that makes public Instagram content searchable, through filters powered by artificial intelligence. The company give back the precious time businesses spend looking through social media noise for quality, authentic content. Oodls also makes it possible to avoid the lengthy process of gaining user permission, through automation at a click of a button.

MGB Biopharma

MGB Biopharma is a clinical stage Scottish company developing a new class of anti-infective medicines. The Company’s lead compound, MGB-BP-3, recently initiated a Phase IIa clinical study in patients with Clostridium difficile-associated disease.


Cuan Tec logo

CuanTec is a blue biotechnology company addressing plastic pollution and food waste by extracting chitin, a non-toxic biopolymer found in shellfish waste and converting it into an antimicrobial, compostable bio-plastic.

Ceres Holographics logo

Ceres Holographics Ltd is a Scottish technology company specialising in the design, digital mastering, and replication of photopolymer holograms.


Mallzee Insights logo

Mallzee helps brands and retailers predict the performance of new retail products, through product testing on its shopping app — which has generated over 500 million customer opinions to date. Mallzee is a B2C2B company.

Firefish logo

Firefish is a recruitment software platform that helps recruiters reach, engage and recruit top candidates ahead of their competitors. The company combines your CRM and ATS, with your website and marketing, to streamline the recruitment process and make more right-fit placements.


Orbital Marine Power logo

An innovative Scottish engineering company, Orbital Marine Power focuses on the development of a tidal energy turbine technology, and has designed, deployed, commissioned and operated the world’s largest floating tidal turbine.

Coimhearsnachd Bharraidh agus Bhatarsaidh Ltd logo

The community-owned Coimhearsnachd Bharraidh agus Bhatarsaidh Ltd aims to support community development on Barra and Vatersay. The company owns and operates the 900kW turbine at Gob Sgurabhal, at the north tip of Barra.

Point and Sandwick Trust logo

Point and Sandwick Trust owns and operates the 9MW Beinn Ghrideag community wind farm, the UK’s largest community owned wind farm. Wind farm profits support community projects both locally and across the Western Isles.

Lesmahagow Development Trust logo

An independent charitable company, Lesmahagow Development Trust, funds and implements projects to enhance the facilities and environment of Lesmahagow. The Trust partners Stewart Energy in a 2.5MW wind farm north of Lesmahagow.

Tignabruaich District Development Trust logo

Tighnabruaich District Development Trust supports projects which benefit the Tighnabruaich district community. The Trust is an investor, alongside Tarbert and Skipness Community Trust, in the 6MW Sròndoire Community Wind Farm.

Tarbert and Skipness Community Trust logo

The Tarbert & Skipness Community Trust exists to help its local area secure a healthy and sustainable future. The Trust is an investor, alongside Tighnabruaich District Development Trust, in the 6MW Sròndoire Community Wind Farm.

North Yell Development Council logo

North Yell Development Council exists to support residents of North Yell in Shetland. It owns and operates the 4.5MW, five-turbine Garth Wind Farm.

Fyne Energy logo

Fyne Energy’s wind turbine project is expected to generate £15.6 million of community and charitable benefit over the next 20 years, which will support social housing objectives and employability, environmental and local priorities.

Fintry Development Trust logo

Fintry Development Trust grew out of the aspiration to make the village of Fintry, Stirlingshire a carbon neutral sustainable community. Income from a community-owned wind turbine at the nearby windfarm supports these aspirations.

Islay Energy Community Benefit Society logo

IECBS owns and operates a 330Kw wind turbine on the island of Islay. The project is expected to generate £2.5m over its 20-year life, which will be distributed to benefit the communities of Islay, Jura and Colonsay.

Kilfinan Community Forest logo

Kilfinan Community Forest Company (KCFC) is a charity that owns a 75Kw hydro scheme in Tighnabruaich. Income from the scheme supports the development of the community forest, creating opportunities for a sustainable future for the local economy, tourism and education.

Berwickshire Community Renewables logo

Berwickshire Community Renewables (BCR) have developed a three turbine 7.5MW wind farm. 100% of profits will be used for charitable/community purposes, delivering in excess up to £30 million surpluses, over the life of the project, for social housing and other community benefits.

Green Energy Mull logo

Green Energy Mull Ltd have constructed a 400Kw ‘run of river’ hydro-electric scheme on the Isle of Mull. The scheme will be community led, with the surplus cashflow re-invested for the long term social benefits of residents.

Callandar Community Hydro Project logo

Callander Community Hydro Ltd has developed a 425kW hydro scheme in the Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park. The project will provide the trust with a sustainable income which will support a range of community projects.

Ore Valley Housing Association logo

Income generated from a 500kw wind turbine developed by Ore Valley Housing Association, will see new, affordable housing/housing stock improvements — and fund community projects within the areas of Cardenden, Methil and Leven.

Sunart Community Renewables logo

Sunart Community Renewables (SCR) owns a micro hydro scheme in Strontian. The scheme has been operational since 2015. Surplus income contributes to local projects within the Sunart area, such as Scotland's first community-owned primary school, which opened in 2018.

EC-OG logo

EC-OG are specialists in subsea energy generation and storage. Based in Aberdeen, EC-OG are at the forefront of subsea engineering and technology. The Subsea Power Hub combines EC-OG’s core technologies of energy generation and storage, to deliver autonomous electrical power at remote subsea locations.